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3 lessons for UK cities from Janesville

3 lessons for UK cities from Janesville

Gabriele Piazza

How can cities best respond to the economic shocks resulting from globalisation and other technological changes? This question is at the heart of Janesville, the FT & Mckinsey business book of 2017, by Amy Goldstein, which describes what happened to this small industrial city in Wisconsin and its community after General Motors (GM) announced the…

Policy design toolkits

Apprenticeships Toolkit

What can be included in apprenticeships policy to make sure that there is more take-up and completion of…

Broadband Toolkit

What can be included in broadband policy to improve provision and take-up?About this toolkit On this page…

Business Advice Toolkit

What style of business support or advice is likely to lead to business and employment growth, and…

Transport Toolkit

Are there public transport policy interventions which can effectively increase ridership and experience? Are they cost effective interventions…

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