Evaluation Support

Find out about how we work with local areas to set up and evaluate their policy programmes

The Centre works with local partners (local authorities, LEPs, Combined Authorities) to help set up and evaluate local economic development programmes. We call these ‘demonstrators’. These services are provided free as part of our funding agreement.

Help and advice on evaluation

We can provide advice on monitoring, appraisal and evaluation (particularly in terms of feedback between different stages; and aligning the three frameworks).

We can provide expert help and advice on the overall evaluation design:

  • Discuss how to trial different support elements and compare differences in effectiveness, as well as (or instead of) focusing on overall policy effectiveness
  • Advise on data gathering - frequency, method (online/face to face), topic guides, data storage and cleaning, accessing secondary data sources.
  • Help you understand trade-offs between different approaches (e.g. PSM versus ‘underpowered’ trials)
  • Address specific issues with your chosen research designs - for example on the use of Randomised Control Trials (RCTs) and other ‘quasi-experimental’ methods; number of participants / locations; applications process; implementation timing and rollout

We can also help you understand evaluation concepts better by providing evaluation workshops, more information about those is available at this page.

Evaluation implementation

The Centre can also help with the evaluation itself through:

  • Specification of invitation to tender for evaluation;
  • Membership of advisory/steering group;
  • Peer review of interim/final reports.

Ongoing advice on the evaluation itself does not require implementation of a randomised control trial, but the evaluation must involve comparison to a control group.

Evaluation delivery

The Centre may also be able to help deliver the evaluation if it is:

  • Generalisable
  • Important
  • Applying robust methods (most likely, but not necessarily an RCT)
  • A complement to, not a substitute for, private sector / in-house analysis.

If you have projects for which you are interested in piloting and properly evaluating then contact us.

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