Should local areas support innovation prizes?

General Policy Discussion

Last week we posted the second of a series of blogs pulling out lessons from our recent report on developing effective local industrial strategies. I thought it might…


How is the economy evolving?

General Policy Discussion

Some of the key questions in developing a local industrial strategy, and more generally in economic policy-making, are: how will the economy evolve? What will be the impact…


Art for arts’ sake

How to Evaluate

Reading coverage of the V&A opening at the weekend I was once again struck by the often extravagant claims made for the local economic impact of…


New evidence on walking and cycling: Mini Holland

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

When we carried out our Transport Evidence Review, published in 2014, we were not able to find anything that met our standards of evidence on the local growth impacts…


A new source of funding for trials

How to Evaluate

Last month Meg Kaufman wrote a blog about the most common barriers we have encountered when trying to pilot and test innovative policies. They fall into…


New evaluation case studies

How to Evaluate

We are in the process of renovating our website, and one of the changes we are planning is to raise the profile of a set of resources which…

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