If you build it will they come?


Our latest evidence review on the economic impact of cultural and sport projects might make for uncomfortable reading for some local decision makers. We looked at these programmes’…


Sport and Culture Review: York Users Meeting

Event Follow Up

The start of the World Cup and the imminent Tour de France’s Gran Depart from Yorkshire provided good fuel for a spirited discussion of our latest review…


Call for evidence: access to finance


We’re starting work on a new evidence review, on access to business finance.We don’t really need to spell out how important this issue is to…


How effective is business advice?

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

We published our second evidence review today looking at the effectiveness of business advice and mentoring.The review considered almost 700 policy evaluations and evidence reviews from the UK…


Business Advice Review – Bristol Users Meeting

Event Follow Up

Many thanks to those who joined us for very helpful discussion in Bristol last week about our soon-to-be-published review of business advice policy.A group of about thirty…


Evidence Review on Employment Training


Earlier this week the Chancellor announced a new government target, full employment, which represented a shift in the government’s approach away from only focusing on growth to…

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