3 lessons for UK cities from Janesville

General Policy Discussion

How can cities best respond to the economic shocks resulting from globalisation and other technological changes? This question is at the heart of Janesville, the FT & Mckinsey…


​Where top science gets done

General Policy Discussion

The Diamond Light Source synchrotron in Oxfordshire is the largest single investment in basic research infrastructure in modern UK history. Christian Helmers and Henry Overman examine its impact…


The good news about exports

Toolkits & Policy Design

With Brexit looming, we’ve been running a series of workshops with local areas to think about different policy responses and consider what the evidence says on effectiveness.…


If we build it, will they come?

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

What role can government investment in the built environment play in turning around struggling neighbourhoods? Unfortunately, not much, according to the evidence that we found and summarised in…


Seattle’s Minimum Wage Raise: We’re Listening

General Policy Discussion

Minimum wage levels have been the subject of much debate among economists and policymakers. On one hand, there is a strong ethical imperative to ensure that working people…


The Local Economic Impacts of Brexit

General Policy Discussion

I've been working with colleagues at the Centre for Economic Performance (Swati Dhingra and Steve Machin) and the Centre for Cities (Naomi Clayton) to take a first look…

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