Seattle’s Minimum Wage Raise: We’re Listening

General Policy Discussion

Minimum wage levels have been the subject of much debate among economists and policymakers. On one hand, there is a strong ethical imperative to ensure that working people…


The Local Economic Impacts of Brexit

General Policy Discussion

I've been working with colleagues at the Centre for Economic Performance (Swati Dhingra and Steve Machin) and the Centre for Cities (Naomi Clayton) to take a first look…


Shedding new light on innovation policy

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

Industrial strategy is one of the big issues for the What Works Centre and its local partners and innovation is one of the main themes of industrial strategies…


Is road investment the route to local economic growth?

General Policy Discussion

Last month the Government announced a £1 billion-a-year plan to relieve congestion, including a bypass fund to take traffic around cities and towns with the worst jams. The long-term…


Training subsidies might not be enough

General Policy Discussion

By Elena Magrini, Researcher at Centre for Cities In April 2017 the UK government introduced the Apprenticeship Levy, a financial incentive system to promote apprenticeships and boost productivity across…


Location Location

General Policy Discussion

One of the tricky things about evaluating the impact of local economic growth policies is that interventions of interest may be focused on a very small number of…


Working with policymakers to build the evidence base

Workshops and Evaluation Support

As the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth moves into its second phase, we shift our time and attention away from sifting, reviewing, and synthesising the evidence…


How to improve broadband provision

Toolkits & Policy Design

Our new  broadband toolkit takes a look at how policymakers (nationally and locally) can increase broadband takeup. Why do we care about this? From a social point…

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