Demonstrating Value


Over the past couple of months we’ve been working hard to try and finish our evidence reviews on broad policy areas. We'll be publishing the rest of…


Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

On a day in which another large infrastructure story dominates headlines it’s important to remember that most transport spending goes on projects that are far less…


How to evaluate - Get everyone on board

How to Evaluate

Previous posts in this series have looked at how good evaluation should be designed into local economic growth policies from the start and how, even with a small…


How to Evaluate – Plagiarise

How to Evaluate

One of the major problems with improving evaluation and getting it embedded in the policy design process arises because people think that evaluation is too complicated.Throughout this…


How to Evaluate – How long?

How to Evaluate

In my last post in this How to Evaluate series I considered some of the issues around collecting data. One related issue that I didn’t discuss in…


How to evaluate – Collect data

How to Evaluate

So far in this series of blogs, I’ve talked about the importance of starting early, of defining success, of thinking about what to evaluate and of finding…


How to evaluate – Find a control group

How to Evaluate

Most policymakers are familiar with the basic approach to monitoring policy outputs (such as the number of people who have gone through a training programme, and how many…


How to Evaluate – What to evaluate?

How to Evaluate

My last post dealt with the issue of the importance of defining success when thinking about how to evaluate. It might seem that answering that question also answers…


How to evaluate – Define success

How to Evaluate

The core objective of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth is to answer the question: which policies are most effective in supporting and increasing local economic…


How to evaluate – Start early

How to Evaluate

In their focus on delivering a good policy on time and on budget, people often don’t think about evaluation until the end of a project (if at…

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