Finding out what works better


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the role of evaluation in answering questions about ‘what works better’? That is, in helping practitioners distinguish between alternative…


What Works Better?

How to Evaluate

As I travel around the country talking to practitioners I’m asked a lot of questions. The one that comes up most frequently is: ‘So, what works?’Perhaps…


Access to Finance Event in Leeds

Event Follow Up

Many thanks to those who joined us for very helpful workshop in Leeds on Monday to discuss our forthcoming evidence review of business access to finance policies. …


What Works: Evidence to date

How to Evaluate

The team at the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth have been churning through large numbers of studies (over 3000 to date), pulling out and focusing on those…


If you build it will they come?


Our latest evidence review on the economic impact of cultural and sport projects might make for uncomfortable reading for some local decision makers. We looked at these programmes’…

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