We shouldn’t give up on estate renewal

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

Today sees the launch of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth’s report into estate renewal.The essential conclusion is that: Estate renewal programmes generally do…


The year ahead

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

Our New Year’s resolution here at the What Works Centre is to continue to preach the gospel about evidence-based policy making. Our work over the past year-and-a-bit –…


Call for evidence on transport


As described in our previous call for evidence, we have been working hard recently on a variety of themes to finalise our findings surrounding the impact of R…


Call for evidence on apprenticeships


Things have been very busy at the What Works Centre over the past couple of months. We’ve recently published our review on Access to Finance and are…


Does estate renewal improve local growth?


We think estate renewal is a waste of money. No, not really, but that was the impression we initially gave some participants on Tuesday, when the What Works…


The likely economic effects of public realm interventions

Evidence Reviews and Methodology

Public realm interventions are often popular with practitioners and policymakers. But the underlying rationale and expected outcomes are not always entirely clear. Part of the problem comes from…


Finding out what works better


A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the role of evaluation in answering questions about ‘what works better’? That is, in helping practitioners distinguish between alternative…

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