Area Based Initiatives

Area based initiatives can have positive impacts on employment and regional GDP, but displacement is a concern when it comes to Enterprise Zone policy.


In addition to the policy review, we have developed a set of policy design guides to help you to make informed decisions when developing business advice policy. Each policy design guide covers a specific aspect of programme delivery so should not necessarily be directly compared. They are intended to help you understand how much is known about the policy's cost effectiveness, and what you should consider if you are thinking about using the approach.

The toolkit considers a broader evidence base than the review, including countries outside the OECD where appropriate. Full detail on the approach and how to use the toolkit is available on the resources page. Or click the links below to go directly to the policy design tools below.

Local Hiring Requirements

This toolkit focuses on ABIs that support businesses, such as the Employment Zone and Empowerment Zone. Read more about how they work.

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